درج مطلب

Principal’s Message

In the name of God who taught His prophet all he did not know and sent him as His messenger on Earth for the sole purpose of education.

We live in a universe, of which changes are inevitable inner-characteristic. Besides, in the recent history, the change in the human world has grown faster and civilization is moving toward connection in one way and disconnection in another : connection, because the communication among different nations and cultures have significantly enhanced, and disconnection, because the spiritual, social, and ecological sustainability is being challenged.

Successful living in such a world requires holistic education, a kind of education that in content and method considers all the human dimensions, and provides a balanced mental , spiritual, and physical growth. Only through such an education, humans may rise toward excellence. They become wise and capable individuals, who take on the weighty responsibilities in the society, and cooperate with others to solve the problems of tomorrow.

This success is achieved when the families and school are close to each other, and stay in harmony. It is of crucial importance that everyone, in home and school, respects the common values, fulfills his/her responsibilities, and works hard toward learning and growth.

Mansoureh Alipour
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